Best Money Ever Invested in a Cat Tree

Corner Cat Tree XXL Taupe

I invested in three pieces of cat furniture from Cat Tree King, and the Corner Cat Tree XXL is the most recent. Our 4 cats play rough, and have ruined hundreds of dollars' worth of scratchers and furniture. They can't make a dent in this cat tree. It has the nice nesting cups for the cats to sleep in, and it's so big, it keeps them busy and occupied. They fight less because they get a lot of exercise and burn off energy. They used to scratch the carpet, but they always come to the cat trees to scratch now. I consider these trees to be a great investment in their health and happiness. I've already decided to buy one of the barrels.

- Lorrie (December 2023)

We have 4 Maine coons and we have had to reinforce every cat tree we have purchased. Not this one. This thing is solid. Highly recommend Cattreeking. Our cats love it and they actually fit in it.


Will Definitely Be Ordering More !!!

Queensplace XXL Light Grey

We wanted a
bigger cat tree for our 1 year old Maine coon male. He has destroyed several
regular cat trees & completely hangs off the ones he hasn’t destroyed. We
ordered one of the smaller ones, the queenspace xxl just to test it out to see
if it was worth it….. IT WAS SOO WORTH IT! We LOVE it! Our Maine coon fits in
it so well and has room to grow! The post on it is long enough for him to
almost completely stretch out while scratching & it is so thick I couldn’t
believe it! The rope (his favorite part) is thick enough that he won’t shred it
with just a few plays. The base is thick and sturdy. I personally would have
liked the base to be a little bigger for more stability. BUTT it’s still the
best I have ever seen on bought a cat tree! All in all us as cat parents &
our fur babies (especially the Maine coon) are all very happy with our Cat Tree King purchase & I cannot wait to purchase one of the larger pieces with the pouches for them to lay in!!

- Emily (December 2023)

My Cats Love this Tree

Cat Empire Blackline Dark Grey

I have been eyeing this tree for awhile and decided to finally buy it when it was on sale. I had 2 small
cheap trees and my 2 maine coons were outgrowing them rather quickly. I was surprised at the quality of materials and how heavy it was. I do not see my cats knocking this over. My cats love to be in the top bed so they can overlook their kingdom and tower over everyone.

- Chyrelle (December 2023)

i have 3 other towers and they do not compare to this Cat Tree King tower. This one is so sturdy and the hammocks are perfect for my large cats! Love this cat tree!


Dream Come True!

Cat Empire Beige

Exceeds all of my expectations! My cats were using it before I finished assembling it. The levels are perfectly staggered for them to navigate their way to the top level and baskets and then easily come back down. Even with all four of them on it at the same time, it’s solid as a rock. Best cat tree we have ever purchased!!

- Michelle (November 2023)

Holy Moly

Big Cat Tower Beige

This whole experience has been incredible! I received my order very quickly. It came in two packages and when I opened them I couldn’t believe my eyes This tree is enormous!!
It was super easy to put together and I was able to do it by myself. I think the circumference of the main pole is 23”!! This thing is SUPER sturdy!! It was on the pricey side but compared to other products it is worth every cent! I wish there was a place to add a pic! It’s just unbelievable!

- Terri (November 2023)