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About Cat Tree King

Founded in 2002, our company has grown to become the number 1 in quality cat trees and scratching posts. Our head office is located in the centre of Antwerp, Belgium, where our team of enthusiastic staff is on hand daily to help all our customers with questions and support everything with the utmost care.

From our warehouse in Salt Lake City and Knoxville, we deliver to all cat lovers in the United States. But you can also find our products far beyond the US. For example, we also have a warehouse in Australia and serve all European countries from our warehouse in the Netherlands.

Cat Tree King designs, develops, manufactures and sells scratching posts. This means we control the quality of our products from start to finish. From the drawing board to your home, we make sure we make the best scratching posts in the world and offer them at the best possible price. At Cat Tree King, we use only the very best materials and test our products extensively.

This is something we take extra pride in:
Cat Tree King Quality stands for top quality, durability, design and sturdiness allowing even the largest cat breeds like Maine Coons to indulge in our scratching posts.

Cat Tree King Quality

Unique to Cat Tree King Quality is that you can reorder any part of our cat tree. Is only one part of your cat scratching post in need of replacement? Then you can easily reorder just this one part without having to order a completely new scratching post. This way, you can also extend your cat tree to your cat's heart's content.

We currently have around 10,000 cat trees and 15,000 parts in stock to guarantee our customers fast service.

Our best reference are our loyal customers. With over 400,000 followers on social media and more than 30,000 online reviews, we are the largest provider of quality scratching posts in Europe, America and Australia.

Who are, and what is Cat Tree King?

We take immense pride in being an integral part of the RHR Pets group, Europe's largest manufacturer and distributor of cat tree scratching posts.

We are sometimes asked where our name RHR Pets originates from.... Quite simply, RHR is a reference to our founder whose full name is Remco Honoré Reinhoudt 😉

On the following websites you can purchase directly from RHR Pets:
RHRPets.nl - Netherlands
RHRPets.be - Belgium
RHRPets.de - Germany
Animauxvillas.com - France & Spain
RHRPets.se - Sweden
RHRPets.dk - Denmark
RHRPets.es - Spain
RHRPets.fi - Finland
RHRPets.pt - Portugal
Animalcorner.it - Italy
Cattreeking.co.uk - England
Cattreeking.com - Unites States
Cattreeking.com.au - Australia

Still have a question? We will be happy to help you!

Contact us by email at hello@cattreeking.com

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