“Living like cat and dog” – but in good harmony!

Every few weeks we look for interesting stories from cats and their owners.
The well-known statement “living like cat and dog” that cats and dogs are sworn enemies is not the case with Elise. Her cat and dog live together in good harmony under one roof. That makes us happy! And also a bit curious about how she handled this...

Elise's cat is called Harry, a 16-year-old British Shorthair. She now also has a Pomeranian of 1,5 years old and her name is Marie, but they also call her little Marie.

“I was very excited when our dog came, because Harry was of course shocked by our furry little puppy.”

Elise informed herself well in advance and searched for tips on the internet. Most importantly, they could get used to each other at their own pace. “We gave our cat Harry extra attention during this time. I thought it was important that the cat kept its own place where the dog did not come.” The Cat Paradise scratching post is ideal for this, Harry can retreat to different places when he wanted to. And especially in the high lounge bed or in the hammocks, because Little Marie can't reach this of course.

Harry and Marie often get some treats at the same time and next to each other, to stimulate a mutual bond. Despite the big age difference, they were completely used to each other within a few weeks. They respect each other and each other's space.

“I sometimes even catch them standing nose to nose and giving each other a kiss.”